VGA uses the expertise services of Spatial Vision as a solution to provide tree data capture in a cloud-based solution. This can easily be integrated with Council’s and utility asset management systems.

Our solution

VGA and Spatial Vision propose a low cost cloud-based solution to integrate with Council’s and utility services. GIS Cloud is a Platform as a Service platform that provides a simple to use and convenient spatial database to display web maps in the browser and on mobile devices.

Individual forms can be created for each workflow method so that in-field users can collect data. Field data will be stored in the GIS Cloud and a series of scripts will be run on a timed basis (suggested weekly) to synchronise with our clients Tree Register. Spatial Vision will develop these scripts in either C# or Python, whichever method is preferred by our clients.

The general workflow should:

  • Allow a tree auditor to inspect the current recorded status of a tree whilst in the field,
  • Allow the tree auditor to record details of work to be performed on a tree through a text entry into a form, capture photographs of an identified tree, and/or record an audio description    of work to be performed,
  • Visually identify trees on a web map that require maintenance
  • Log works performed on individual trees by contractors, detailing works performed via a form, capture photographs of work performed and/or record an audio description of work performed