Expertise in Powerline Clearance

Trees and vegetation growing close to powerlines can pose a threat to safety and potentially lead to bushfires, power outages or power surges.

Electricity network operators, local councils, road operators or owner-occupiers are legally required to maintain safe clearance distances between vegetation and powerlines.

VGA Environmental Group has the capacity, expertise and specialised equipment to carry out quick, effective pruning and trimming of trees and vegetation around powerlines within regulatory buffer zones.

We have the capability for fully mechanised clearing and mulching as well as manual hand clearing in specified areas and can assist with even the most challenging vegetation issues.

All our powerline management staff have completed state-wide accredited training in safe limits of approach and clearance distances, and hold certificates in operating EWPs.

They are fully trained to comply with all safety laws and regulations.

Powerline vegetation management and consulting services

VGA can provide proactive management of trees and vegetation around powerlines as a once-only clearance or in an ongoing capacity.

Our professional arborists can also advise on the planting of appropriate species to minimise future hazards around powerlines.

We also provide:

  • Landscape restoration and replanting
  • Rolling inspections and clearance

Vegetation clearance within access tracks as well as powerline corridors.
Programs are carried out exclusively by our fully qualified arborists.